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We want to work with Centre: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal has focused on the central government regarding his co-budget in the assembly. He has called Delhi’s budget an attack on various constitutions. After getting the approval of the budget from the Center, he said that better late than never. The central government passed our budget. If you give the pass in advance, then what was the need to fuss?

Arvind Kejriwal said that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. He targeted the Center and said that they wanted me to bow down. It was his arrogance. Taking a jibe at the Centre, he said that it is full of uneducated people from top to bottom.
The Delhi government accused the central government of shutting down the mohalla clinics opened by them. Stopped the payment of medicines, electricity, tests, rent in the mohalla clinic. During the Corona period, the common man had to suffer a lot due to this.

Kejriwal said in the Legislative Assembly that the Center stopped the budget, stopped the mayoral elections. We are little people, you are big people. Let us run Delhi and you run the country. We do not know how to do politics, we have not come to do politics. They are troubled that why is Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) winning again and again in Delhi and why is BJP losing?

“To win Delhi, the hearts of the people of Delhi will have to be won. Delhi cannot be won by fighting everyday. I have made 550 mohalla clinics, you can make five and a half thousand. If you try to stop our mohalla clinics, don’t think Delhi You will win. You draw a long line. We do not want to fight with you, want to work together. Want to develop together.

The people of Delhi are like your younger brothers. If you trouble your younger brother everyday, how will the younger brother tolerate it. If you want to walk together, then walk with your younger brother, the younger one will walk with you.


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