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Want to get rich in 30 minutes, Here’s how !!

Ok, first things first, since we don’t have time — what is that one thing you need to get rich.

Money !!

NO (If you had money you would be already rich)

Plan !!

NO (Plans are in future and they are as good as guessing)

Contacts !!

NO (your contacts won’t help you, until you don’t help them first)

The only thing needed to get rich is the RIGHT MINDSET.

There is no time to explain why you need that; take my word for it and let’s move on.

Next question –But how to get the right mindset?

First, breathe deep and inhale as much oxygen as you can. The more oxygen you inhale, the calmer you feel and faster your brain works. It has more space now, which was earlier occupied by wrong thoughts.

Second, imagine the amount of money you want. No, please don’t say I need ALOT of money. That doesn’t work. Imagine you are someone’s God and someone asks you to give him a lot of money. Would you be able to give it to him.


Because the definition of a lot of money will differ from person to person. For a poor person, 1000 Rs. will be more than enough but for a rich person, even 10,00,00,000 will be less.

Think of your desire in exact numbers and details.

You can’t get on a flight if you ask the ticket seller at the counter you want to go anywhere at whatever time. He won’t be able to give you the ticket, would he?


When you tell him the exact place and exact time of flight will he be able to give you the right tickets.

If you don’t ask the right things in exact amounts, you won’t get anything.

Third, imagine everything that you want in life after one year. Imagine how you see yourself after one year and keep thinking about that thought in loop. Please keep logic out of this conversation between you and me.

Proceed reading if we agree to that.

Don’t think in rational manner. Think as illogically as possible. Even your imagination has limitations.

Remember, whatever illogical you are thinking, someone somewhere is already achieving it.

Think about a dream so big that it scares you as you feel it can never happen.

Now the fourth step. This step is most important and most difficult one. People often don’t get it and don’t follow it. But nonetheless, this is the most important step of this entire process.

Imagine that the amount of money and the life you desire for yourself is ALREADY yours.

“Damn, are you nuts.. how can I imagine that !!”

I had the same reaction when I heard that first myself. But since I was in such bad condition when I heard it that I was ready to believe in anything I could. And I did, and it changed my life. I took a leap of faith and it worked in my favor.

So all you have to do is fool your mind into believing what you want and future is yours.

The problem with most people is that they can’t imagine the good future. There are lots of things they want to be at the same time, which confuses them. They can’t accept the reality that they can only be at one place a one time and they can be only one person at the same time.

Like every superhero film you have ever seen, you will always get a choice of choosing the right path. The path that is good for you and only you can decide it.

There is another catch. The catch is you don’t know whether the path will be right or wrong. But you have to chose it.

There can only be one goal because you can only be at one place at the same time. There can be several goals in different timelines but there has to be always one goal at one time.

So imagine that one thing that you want to do and concentrate your entire mental energies into it.

It will happen.

Don’t get into the fact how it will happen. Though there is a scientific reason why it will happen but I will reserve that for another of my write-up.

Let’s say that your mind has the power to move you in the direction of converting your thoughts into reality.

I don’t think still 30 minutes have passed, if you have been doing it for the first time. It will take time for your first round because it will be hard for you to trust the method. It happens because in the world where anything can sell, it is very difficult to believe in something.

That is where a leap of faith comes in. Somewhere deep down if you want to change yourself, you have got to start trusting the methods.

Now the fifth and last part of the method again something that is the most difficult thing in the world to do –

Don’t do anything about your dreams and goals.

What do you mean that don’t do anything about my goals.

The more you push to achieve your goals, more they will run away from you. If you are working very hard to achieve your goal, then may be you are not enjoying the process of life.

Ironically, if you now you are doing hard work, then you are not doing it right. You must enjoy the process, which makes had work doesn’t seem like the hard work.

Things will start happening on their own. Your mind is very powerful and it will make you do efforts to achieve your goals without letting you know.

Your mind is the most powerful tool that you have. Rich people understand that and that is what works for them.

To become Rich, first imagine yourself to be Rich man in present tense. Then start making efforts like any Rich man would do.

Last minute notes :

Start Reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”


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