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Justbaat.AI’s AI-Driven Campaigns for India’s Political Elections 2024

Gurgaon, India – April 16, 2024- In a recent interview of Shaurya Rao Nigam, CEO and Co-Founder and Amandeep Kamboj, CTO and Co-Founder of Justbaat.AI with CNN News18 it came to the notice that Justbaat.AI, a pioneering AI platform, is revolutionising India’s political arena as AI-generated content takes centre stage in the 2024 elections. This historic shift marks a pivotal moment in India’s electoral history, where candidates can leverage AI to craft hyper-personalised, community-centric, and region-specific campaigns, fundamentally altering the way they engage with voters.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, candidates across the country can utilise the power of AI to reach diverse audiences on an unprecedented scale. Through Justbaat.AI’s innovative technology, politicians can craft tailored messages that resonate deeply with voters, addressing their unique concerns and aspirations.

The utilisation of AI in political campaigns signifies more than just a technological advancement; it underscores the adaptability and ingenuity of India’s political landscape. By embracing AI, candidates are not only modernising their election strategies but also democratising access to information and engagement.

Source: https://twitter.com/CNNnews18 

“This is a momentous occasion for Justbaat.AI,” stated Shaurya Rao Nigam, CEO of Justbaat.AI. “We are witnessing the convergence of technology and politics in a way that empowers candidates to engage with voters on a deeply personal level. The potential for AI to drive positive change in our electoral process is limitless.”

As the 2024 elections unfold, the nation eagerly anticipates the impact of AI-powered campaigns on voter turnout, engagement, and ultimately, the democratic process itself. Through this historic moment, India reaffirms its commitment to innovation and progress, embracing the transformative power of AI to shape a brighter future for all.

Additionally, Justbaat.AI is collaborating with various government bodies to promote video WhatsApp messages over SMS, fostering a sense of personal connection among citizens and political entities. For instance, instead of conventional SMS notifications regarding tax or electricity payments, Justbaat.AI advocates for personalised video messages. Video communication is proven to be more effective than text-based communication, enhancing engagement and fostering stronger connections within communities. This initiative underscores Justbaat.AI’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance communication, engagement and personal connect.

About Justbaat.AI:
Justbaat.AI is a leading AI platform revolutionising communication and engagement in the digital age. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Justbaat.AI enables organisations and individuals to create personalised content at scale, driving meaningful connections and fostering community engagement. Learn more at www.justbaat.ai



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