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How Justbaat.AI Empowers Publishers in Video Advertising?

This case study shows how Justbaat.AI can be a one-stop-solution and help for publishers to maximises revenue potential through in-stream video ads after the Outstream Video policy changes by IAB guidelines. 

The Challenge:

Starting April 1, 2024, updated video publisher policies for Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense aim to align with IAB standards to ensure that advertisers are getting true value for their video inventory purchase. Publishers must accurately describe inventory, passing signals like vpmute and plcmt. 

What it means for Publishers

A large portion of your Video Inventory through ISV or OSV integrations will now fall under Two New categories :  “Accompanying Content”  Or “Stand Alone”. The CPMs of ISV will not be applicable there by creating a substantial dip* in your video revenues.  

The Solution:

Source: foxnews.com 

Publishers can overcome the challenge of adapting to IAB’s updated policies with ease through JustBaat.AI. By leveraging the platform’s AI capabilities and advanced video Widget with built in demand pipes, publishers can effortlessly create studio quality video content with anchors and Presenters, tailor-made for in-stream ad placements. This not only ensures compliance with IAB/Google’s policies but also maximises revenue potential through in-stream video ads.

Videos and thumbnails can be created with complete automation and will enable on-click behaviour from the user! Justbaat.AI video creation platform offers a seamless solution for transforming text into high-quality videos effortlessly. Boasting over 40 AI anchors and presenters, supporting 80+ languages and 120+ dialects, along with instant video tools ensuring 90% automation in the process.

Justbaat.AI is an advanced Generative AI Platform, recognised as a Global MCM partner and a GCPP of Google.

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