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‘Impact Player’ Rule In IPL 2023, Sunil Gavaskar, Harbhajan Singh Give Clear Verdict 

The ‘Impact Player’ in the Indian Premier League 2023 has garnered everyone’s attention from the day BCCI announced its introduction in this edition. In the opening match of IPL 2023 between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings, one thing that was on everyone’s mind was how the teams are going to use it and who will be the designated ‘impact players’. While teams in IPL are taking nascent steps on how to ace it, the experts, meanwhile, have given thumbs up to the ‘Impact Player’ on Star Sports, the official TV broadcasters of IPL. Former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar gave his thumbs up to the new rule introduced by the BCCI as it has increased the curiosity quotient of everyone involved in IPL. The legendary India cricketer believes the teams might need some time to ace this new rule.

While Speaking on Star Sports, Sunil Gavaskar said, “You need some time to understand new rules and acclimatise with new playing conditions. The same will be the case with all ten teams in the TATA IPL 2023. They will need some time to ace it.”

Former India cricketer Harbhajan Singh, meanwhile, lauded the think tank in IPL for coming up with this innovative rule.

While Speaking on Star Sports, Harbhajan Singh said, “It’s a very innovative move as you can now replace a player whom you feel is not suitable or has served his purpose with someone who can make an impact in the current playing conditions. So, kudos to BCCI, it’s a very good rule.”


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