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How to Deal with the Types of Stress: Coping Strategies

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Types of Stress

1. Acute Stress:

The most common and direct form of stress is acute stress. It arises from specific situations or events, often demanding a rapid response. Examples: Facing a tight deadline, handling a sudden conflict, or experiencing a minor accident can trigger acute stress.

2. Traumatic Stress:

There are several traumatic incidents in your life that leave a long lasting negative impression on your mindset and cause a long-term stress commonly referred to as traumatic stress. E.g. losing a family member or close friends and surviving a disaster or accident.

3. Chronic Stress:

Chronic stress is a type of stress that dwells inside your head for a longer time than usual, often resulting into depression and anxiety. Long-term caregiving responsibilities, a challenging work environment, or consistent financial instability can contribute to chronic stress.

4. Episodic Acute Stress:

Episodic acute stress involves frequent encounters with acute stressors. Individuals experiencing episodic acute stress may find themselves repeatedly facing challenges and crises. E.g. Juggling multiple responsibilities, chronic procrastination, or constant worrying about potential issues can contribute to episodic acute stress.

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5. Work-Related Stress:

As the name suggests, the type of stress that arises from workload and job is called work-related stress. The stress may arise from unrealistic deadlines, toxic work environment and excessive workload.

6. Environmental Stress:

The environmental pollution is the main reason behind this type of stress. The daily rush in the polluted air, noise of vehicles, smell or garbage dumps and filth of the sewage may cause headaches and irritation and stress your mind. Furthermore, stress that arises due to the environment you live in also counts in this type of stress, such as stress due to unsafe neighborhood.

Stress Management Techniques

1. Healthy Lifestyle Decisions:

It is crucial for individuals to adapt to a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating habits (balanced diet), working out, self care, scheduled sleep cycle and sufficient sleep and avoiding any kinds of addiction such as alcohol or caffein. These choices influence your mental well-being and help you cope up with all types of stress.

2. Meditation:

Practicing guided meditation and mindfulness, relaxing your mind, focusing on the present and breathing exercises lead to stress release from the body.

3. Exercises:

Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators, and helps reduce the physical symptoms of stress. Involving working out, like jogging, walking, weight-lifting etc., in your daily routine is an effective stress management strategy for different types of stress.

4. Socializing:

Meeting new people, developing relationships and communicating with them about your daily happenings can prove a viable option to manage stress. hanging out with friends, tea time with family, games with cousins and movie nights with siblings often make you feel relaxed and stress free.

5. Seeking Professional Support:

Sometimes the level of everyday stress you face might be intense which may often lead to chronic depressions. It is recommended to seek help from mental health professionals to overcome this.

Managing different types of stress through counselling sessions.


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