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‘Some people hurt by the success of India’s democracy’, PM Modi’s befitting reply to Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the success of the country’s democracy and its institutions is hurting some people. That is why, they are attacking the democracy in the country. PM Modi indirectly targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for attacking democracy.

PM Modi said in a program that when the country is full of faith and determination and the intellectuals of the world are optimistic about India, then there are talks of pessimism, showing the country in the wrong way and hurting the morale of the country.

Without naming anyone, PM Modi said that when some auspicious work is happening, it is a tradition to apply black tika, so when so many auspicious things are happening, Some people took the responsibility of applying this black tika. Is. Please tell that Rahul Gandhi had given a controversial statement about India in Cambridge, after which this comment of PM Modi has come.

The BJP is attacking Rahul Gandhi over his remarks and is demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi for his controversial remarks on foreign soil. PM Modi said that India has shown the world that democracy can deliver. “The success of India’s democracy and its institutions is hurting some people and hence they are attacking it,” he said.

PM Modi said that he is confident that despite such attacks, India will move forward to fulfill its objectives. Targeting the opposition, PM Modi said that earlier scams used to make headlines, but now there are reports of action against them.

The Prime Minister said that all governments work to the best of their ability and get results, but his government wants new results and works at a different pace and scale. He said that today India is the fastest growing economy in the world.


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