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PM Modi and Adani are scared: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi today said he “hoped” that he would be allowed to speak in parliament on the BJP’s allegation that he insulted the country abroad by questioning the state of democracy.

“But I don’t think they will let me speak,” the Congress leader told reporters, hours after his brief appearance in parliament.

Rahul Gandhi attended Lok Sabha for the first time since the massive row erupted over his comments in London, with at least four Union Ministers demanding his apology in and outside parliament.

“I went to Parliament today and I told the Speaker that I want to speak in Parliament against the allegations that four ministers have levelled. There is no clarity. But I don’t think I will be allowed to speak. But I am still hopeful that tomorrow I will get a chance to speak. Today the House was adjourned within 1 minute of my arrival,” Rahul Gandhi said.

The entire thing started with Rahul Gandhi’s Parliament speech on Adani that was expunged, he said. “The entire attempt is to distract the attention from the Adani issue. I think they won’t allow me to speak in Parliament. Because the main issues on the table remain the same. What is the relationship between PM Modi and Adani? Why are defence contracts being given to Adani? Who spoke for the Adani in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh? Why was there a meeting of PM Modi, SBI chairman and Adani in Australia?” Rahul Gandhi said.

The Congress leader also sought answers on the allegations by a Sri Lankan official that “PM Modi wanted Gautam Adani to get power project.” Adani group’s role in the Israel-India defence relationship and take over of major Indian airports by Adani group.

“These are the questions PM does not want to give answers on,” Rahul said. 


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