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How to make Ten Million in a Single year !!

Making Ten million in a single year is Easy.

I will answer this question in points for easy understanding and better readability.

1. Invest as much time in books as you can.

Read biographies, mostly of billionaires and millionaires. Also, read motivational books. Read books that promote money as a good thing rather than an evil thing.

2. Listen to Podcasts.

Hundreds of Podcasts are can be found on iTunes which make your life better by giving you advises and life experiences. Listen to Tim Ferris for increasing your productivity.

3. Attend Seminars and workshops.

To become rich in less time, you have to do more. Gather as much knowledge as you can from where ever you can. There are always free seminars and free workshops going on around the city. Attend them. Sometimes, even if you have to pay for it, pay it. Eight out of Ten times, it is always worth paying. In workshops, you learn new things and you also get to make new friends.

4. Buy a diary and daily write about your progress.

It helps you in keeping a track of what you are doing. Unless you know how much you have done how will you know how far you have come. Once in a week read about your progress and change your action plans accordingly.

5. Take care of your health.

A rich man can’t afford to be sick. Get up early in the morning and Jog. Go to Gym or do exercises at home. Eat healthy and food full of fiber. The healthy you are, the better the blood flow and the better your thinking powers.

6. Write 100 things that you want to buy when you will get your 1 crore.

This will help you motivate to get your 1 crore as now you know why you want your 10 million. It is also called Mind mapping. When you will attach your goal with the prize, the motivation to reach goal fast increases.

7. Write a cheque with your name on it.

Take out your cheque book. Split one cheque from it and write you name on it with amount as 10 million and date as the date when you desire to get it. Paste it on wall and watch it everyday.

8. Write down twenty-five things that you can do to get your 10 Million.

This is a Warren Buffet method. Take out a piece of paper. An A4 sheet from the printer will do. Write down twenty five things you think you can do to get your Ten million bucks. Now circle the topmost 5 thing that interests you most. Eliminate others and now focus on these five things.

9. Never be idle.

Always listen to audio books or some motivational lectures whenever you have time. They make you more efficient. Don’t waste your time not ding anything while standing on ques or travelling to your office. Keep listening to good stuff. don’t let your mind be free, except for the time when you meditate.

10. Stop smoking and Drinking alcohol.

It is secondary that they are bad for health, primarily they waste a lot of time. When you drink alcohol, you waste your entire night and next day in hangover and drowsiness. While smoking cigarettes, you can’t do much. Imagine how much you could have achieved in the time you wasted in your cigarette breaks.

11. Make everyday useful.

Don’t waste your days by meeting with friends and hanging out with other people. Feel the sense of urgency to get your money. Bars, clubs and Discs are waste of money and time. The owners keep earning big buck while you waste you hard earned money and precious time attending the place that is designed to cater to your adrenaline senses.

12. Remove negative People from your life.

There will be people who will tell you that you will never get 10 Million in your life or that you will never be successful. Remove them from your life completely. It does not matter how good friend he is of yours. There are few sacrifices that you have to make. Personally, I have broken up with so many friends of mine during last three years just because they demotivated me from time to time. Robin Sharma Calls them Energy Vampires.

13. Don’t believe in time factor.

Work as much as you can and as far as you can. But be disciplined. Create good habits. Don’t ever think that you have all the time in the world. Start working now with whatever you have now. Don’t wait for perfect or idle moment. It is better to start with a half build idea than to wait for a complete one till infinity. Set Deadlines, they always help.

14. Meet beautiful girls/boys.

Romantic relationships are biggest motivators that motivate you to move faster. A good girlfriend can be the best motivational speaker you can get. More than that biologically, in relationships the adrenaline flow of people is really high. When I say beautiful, it does not just mean outer beauty. It means people who are beautiful from inside as well as outside.

15. Get in the habit of making notes.

People tend to forget things. Don’t overestimate your memory. Make notes of your thoughts and ideas. Keep a journal where you can store all of them. It will help you later.

16. Find out everything about your Field and meet the best.

If you have chosen the field through which you want to earn 10 million, do this. Figure out all the people who are at top in that field and interview them, ask them out for a cup of coffee, stand outside their office to talk to them, hijack elevator and tell them your plan. Their feedback’s will help you tremendously.

17. No matter what happens, be positive in life.

There is no other thing much better at wasting time than a negative mindset. When you are negative, you don’t do anything to improve the situation as you are hopeless already. Immediately flip your mind to positive state and start working.

18. Failures will happen.

Keep a track of them. Fail everyday. The more you fail, the faster you reach. Think of Failures as Milestones, more failures mean more milestones covered. The faster you cover those milestones, the faster you will reach the city of success.

19. Own a dog.

It keeps you in light mood. Dogs are always happy and they make you feel special. Having a dog was the best thing I did for myself. He never leaves your side and no matter how old they are, they always remain your kids.

20. Meditate everyday

Meditate every day. While Meditating, see pictures of you receiving 10 million Bucks on your deadline. There are many apps like Samsara, Insight timer which you can use for this purpose.


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