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Delivered 75 Crores on Mr Kejriwal’s to TRS office, alleges Jailed Conman Sukesh

Jailed Conman Sukesh Chandrasekar today released a letter, through his counsel, claiming that he is having a total of 700 pages of WhatsApp and Telegram chats with Arvind Kejriwal and that he had allegedly delivered 75 crores on Mr Kejriwal’s to Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) office in 2020.

However, there is no independent verification to these claims and many allegations Sukesh had levelled recently. The letter has been issued through Advocate Anant Malik.

“Kejriwalji, I am going to show a trailer of the chat related to 2020 in which 15 kg ghee – code word for Crore set by you and Mr Jain, which was delivered by me personally – i.e. – 15 Crore Rupees paid on your behalf at a political office, party office of TRS to one of the Accused of the ongoing Liquor Case”, stated the statement issued.

The statement further claimed that Mr Kejriwal wanted him to drop this 15 kg Ghee aka 15 Crore Rupees at Hyderabad because he mentioned there were 5 cases of Ghee which is 15×5 Crore which was already at Hyderabad.

He further stated “The amount was being converted for you as you had suggested that 15 was to be delivered to Hyderabad at the TRS party office to the person “AP” in a Range Rover parked inside the office.”

Recently, Sukesh Chandrasekhar while being produced in the court had told media that Kejriwal’s countdown has started, and soon Mr Kejriwal will be welcomed in Tihar Club. And next week he will make a significant disclosure, which will be a trailer against Mr Kejriwal.


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