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CBI And ED Have Brought All Corrupt People in “One Party”, Alleges Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleged on Wednesday that the raids by CBI and ED have brought all the corrupt people in “one party” and when the BJP’s rule ends the country will become corruption-free.

Speaking on the confidence motion tabled by him in the Delhi Assembly, Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the BJP has not missed any chance to trample democracy in the country.

“All the thieves, loots and corrupt are in one party. Once BJP people are in jail after their government’s rule ends, the country will become corruption free,” he asserted.

Mr Kejriwal claimed his MLAs have been threatened with CBI and ED raids and offered ₹ 25 crore bribe but nothing could break them.

“Each one of you is a gem. Don’t be afraid. Even if you go to jail, I will take care of your family,” he said.

“Happenings inside the Delhi Assembly send out a positive message for democracy today,” he added.

The BJP-ruled Centre does not allow opposition party governments to work, Mr Kejriwal alleged.

“We believe in democracy, so we offered BJP MLAs to speak though they could not bring a no-confidence motion against our government. We allowed them to speak. We welcome criticism. But these people only know how to fight and abuse. Leave alone 2025 assembly polls, BJP can not win even in 2050 in Delhi,” he said.

Later, speaking to reporters after the assembly session, Kejriwal said BJP had announced it will being a no-confidence motion.

“But to table such a motion, you need signatures at least 20 per cent MLAs. In order to do so, they threatened our MLAs but none of them broke. AAP MLAs cannot be broken through fear and threat,” he said.

“Our confidence motion has won with a huge majority. People have tremendous faith in us. We are doing work for public, something that not been done in last 75 years. I thank the public for showing faith. We are fighting polls in Karnataka and I hope we get good results,” the chief minister added.


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