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5 Best text-to-video converters of 2024

In today’s world where videos dominate the minds of the target audience, content using videos to capture attention and share messages is important. Technology advances rapidly, and video conversion is now a huge help for marketers, educators, and manufacturers. It is important to stay ahead of the latest changes as they change how we give and receive information. These new options make it easy to turn text into dynamic real-world video. Let’s learn more about new ways to be creative and share ideas, as we check out the best 5 text-to-video converters of 2024.


What are text-to-video converters?

Text-to-video converters are reachable equipment that converts written phrases to video. They help human beings create remarkable videos without understanding much about video creation. These tools save time and make it simpler to connect with the audience. They can help you personalise the video to attract your target market, which could assist build brand loyalty. Text-to-video converters are beneficial for entrepreneurs, educators, and everyone who creates content material online. They help you create engaging videos that stand out in a crowded online environment. The need for interesting multimedia content has made text-to-video converters vital assets for digital marketers, educators, and content creators who want their work to be noticed in a crowded online environment.

We’ve listed below the best AI text-to-video converters based on factors like user-friendly video creation, variety of AI avatars available, multilingual capabilities, and inclusion of media libraries for stock images.

1. Justbaat.AI

Justbaat.AI , a text-to-video converter, allows the swift transformation of text into captivating videos, transforming content creation. It supports ove­r 60 languages and ensure­s that your ideas reach the intende­d audiences—create lifelike AI metahumans for delivering news, audiobooks, or prese­ntations with its tools to fascinate viewers. 

Below are a few features listed for Justbaat.AI:

Lifelike AI-Anchors: Justbaat.AI’s AI-Anchors are incredibly realistic virtual presenters who bring your text to life in captivating videos. With their human-like expressions and gestures, they make your content engaging and memorable.

Text into Captivating Videos: Now, it is possible to render interesting videos from your text because this activity is so simple. This intuitive platform particularly enables the video creation process via gadget at which you only provide your text, pick your preferred AI anchors and templates, and that’s it! Here, your videos are ready for the professional world in a short time.

Effortless AI Video Suite: The AI video suite brings fun back to video production by cutting the hard work. There are user-friendly tools that can be integrated with ease. This way, you can very easily make videos that influence the audience with amazing film looks.

Customisable Templates: Consider different design styles reflecting your brand or message from the multiple pre-set templates. Style is a critical aspect of your personal branding. Whether you like something elegant and current or casual and unusual, it creates ideas to satisfy even the pickiest tastes.

Multilingual AI Videos: Break the language barriers and reach a broader audience which includes the entire globe, with multilingual AI videos. The content writing platform comes with built-in support for multiple languages. That means you can use it to easily generate content that will capture viewers’ attention from around the globe.

Reduced Production Time and Costs: Say goodbye to tiresome manufacturing lead times and high costs. You may decrease the overall production time and costs with the use of this AI-powered platform compared to the traditional methods without the loss of quality. Complete jobs faster contributing to the bigger picture and within the funding set.

2. Synthesia

With Synthesia, you can reach out to audiences all over the world with tailored audiovisual content. You can be assured that each message is culturally sensitive and tailored to your audience, thanks to its number of avatars and the capability to support more than 120 languages.

Customisable options: Choose profiles, backgrounds, costumes, and characters to make for genuinely unique performances. It is not necessary to make elaborate sets for shooting, because you can download HD-quality videos right away.

Worldwide Reach: With confidence and impact, share your story on a worldwide stage.

With Synthesia, you can create at a higher level and reach a wider audience.

User-friendly: With our state-of-the-art editing tools, users at every level can alter every aspect of their video to make their message sound just the way they want. Cutting edge: Screen recording solutions such as Synthesia capture human hand movement with best-in-class precision while naturally mirroring your continuous spoken words.

3. Pictory

Pictory has made it easier to change longer articles into attractive video clips. The website ensures that your content stands out in a crowded online environment by seamlessly integrating visual components and providing AI-driven support.

Easy Integration: Mix actual voice overs with images easily for maximum impact.

Boost Engagement: This makes your content more engaging and you will see an increase in viewer interaction.

Professional Outcomes: Creates high-quality videos without the need for challenging technical setups or hours of editing processes.

Huge Selection: Access a huge database of stock images, movies, and music that can enhance and liven up your video projects.

Collaboration features: The platform’s collaboration features make working with clients or team members easy as they encourage efficient communication and sharing of feedback.

4. In video

There’s no better guide for converting textual scripts into compelling optical narratives than InVideo. The platform supports 21 languages and has an extensive royalty-free image and music library. It’s easy to use, and ideal for both first-time and experienced producers, helping them produce videos with minimal effort.

Creative Freedom: To improve your narration, delve into a wealth of images and sounds.

User-friendly interface: Make video creation easy and focus on the message.

Freedom to Express: Equip yourself with the courage and verve to tell the special story of your life.

Flexible export options: The flexible export options available in this software package will let you export videos that are compatible with all kinds of export platforms and formats available on the market.

5. D-ID 

Welcome to the future of storytelling, where static images come to life with video avatars that not only look like they’re human but also talk like one, thanks to D-ID Creative Reality Studio.

This user-friendly platform allows you to turn static images into fascinating videos with believable, speaking avatars. They personalise your avatar’s voice, facial expressions, and background with ease. Upload an image, choose your avatar’s gender, select how you would like your text spoken, adjust the pitch and speed of the voice (to respect your avatar’s pitch and speed), and even add emotional content. This service is a powerful, yet simple entryway into the world of AI-driven video creation. 

Customisation Options: Change scenes, objects, and avatars to your preferences to create a unique video.

Broad Appeal: Break through language barriers and connect effortlessly with viewers.

Flexible Pricing: Enjoy pricing plans based on your requirements and budget.


Text-to-video converters have become an essential tool for any content creator, whether you’re a marketer, educator, or developer. These solutions make it easy to turn text into videos with just a couple of clicks so you can get your message out there and see the way it was meant to be seen. Wondering what the best text-to-video converter of 2024 is? Check out one of the popular solutions: Justbaat.ai Keep your words moving and get started turning them into videos today!



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